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About Us

Everyone has mental health. We at Manx Minds believe that maintaining and improving mental health doesn't just happen. It is vital to know and understand the steps we need to take to maintain good mental health. Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life, but when issues such as these begin to overwhelm you, or someone you know, are you equipped with the right words and reactions to help and not hinder?


That is where we come in. We passionately believe that our training gives people the tools they need to care for themselves and others. We want to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. We want break down the barriers and support people to stay well, recover, or manage their symptoms in order to thrive in learning, work and life.

Based in Ramsey, Isle of Man, Manx Minds' flagship course is the Mental Health First Aid - 2 day - Adult course, accredited by Public Health England. We are delighted to work with private companies, schools, the public sector, government and individuals who want to learn more about and improve their skills in dealing with a range of mental health and well-being issues. 

Mental Health on the Isle of Man

It is estimated that 1 in 3 people on the Isle of Man could be affected by a mental health issue. This is a problem of epidemic proportions which is going largely unnoticed. It is agreed that early intervention needs to play a part in tackling this. We are passionate about spotting and helping people at the earliest possible stage of mental ill health and truly believe the courses we offer can make a difference.


"Thought the course was very professionally and carefully delivered! I am a lot more confident in my ability to help someone who may have a mental health issue. I would totally recommend!"

"Very good course. Informative and creative in getting delegates to talk about a very difficult subject. The presenters really know the subject and it shows in the depth of the discussions."

"It was a real eye opener. A 'must do' course."




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